Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft, Day 2

All in all, the Steelers did a phenomenal job, maybe the best in the NFL. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes will be a great fit, and they added depth at several important positions. The truth is that they are already loaded with talent, and didn't have the great needs of other teams. An excellent analysis of the draft, focusing on the Super Bowl champions, can be read here.

As far as the drafts of the other teams...the Buffalo Bills draft seemed a bit confusing, but maybe we need to trust the great Marv Levy....the New Orleans Saints, who grabbed Reggie Bush, and the Arizona Cardinals, who grabbed Matt Leinart, should be thrilled today...the Denver Broncos seem to have done a fine job, a testament to the consistency and excellence of Head Coach Mike Shanahan...all the teams of the AFC North seem to have done well...the Houston Texans blew a sure thing in passing on Reggie Bush.

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Chris said...

Keith, I appreciate your boiling down the draft for me. I enjoy football, but don't have the head for the analysis that you do. Blessings bro!