Thursday, December 28, 2006

What I Got for Christmas

Robyn got me a harmonica. I played years ago, and not very well, but I've wanted to master the "mouth organ" for some time now. I'd love to sit with my guitar and "blues harp" and be like Bob Dylan. Ahh, to write songs half as good as Dylan! At any rate, I'm looking forward to this new musical venture. Robyn also got me a pedometer as I try and get myself in better shape in the new year, and she also cooked a fantastic Christmas dinner.

Christian got me a John Wayne / Maureen O'Hara DVD (Rio Grande, their first work together, the finale in director John Ford's excellent "cavalry trilogy", and arguably the trio's best collaboration)...Kate got me a pumpkin spice candle...Claire got me a reading light for late night reading...Elliot got me a Steelers pen. All nice stuff.

My mother got me a Barnes & Noble gift card, which I used yesterday to pick up Michael Crichton's latest book, Next. I've always enjoyed Crichton's style of techno-thriller. While I read a lot of theology and "practical" ministry stuff, I also read a lot of fiction, and would love to someday (maybe in retirement) write a novel.

My brother and his wife got me U2's Wide Awake in America on CD, which I actually purchased on vinyl record on the day of its release in 1986; aside from two good studio songs (including the super-fun "Three Sunrises"), it also has killer live versions of "Bad" and "A Sort of Homecoming". I've always loved Wide Awake in America because I saw U2 for the first time on their Unforgettable Fire tour, and having these live recordings from that tour takes me back. My niece got me a "world peace" magnet for my car.

Robyn's folks got me an IUP hoodie and an Edinboro shirt, both neat. The hoodie is really comfortable and warm. They also got us a "Netfix" membership, which we'll really enjoy. Robyn's sister got me several gift cards for Sheetz and Subway (meatball subs rock).

All in all, a good Christmas.

This week, I'm on vacation, so it's been very nice to just spend time with Robyn and the kids. We've seen some family, and will visit with some friends in the days ahead. Relaxation and rest, it seems to me, can be necessary, almost sacramental practices which we don't practice enough!

"He leads me beside waters of rest." - Psalm 23:2


Katiekate said...

i think the candle is the best gift. :)

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