Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NFL Rankings - Week 16

1 - San Diego Chargers (last week 1)

2 - Indianapolis Colts (last week 2)

3 - Baltimore Ravens (last week 4)

4 - Chicago Bears (last week 3)

5 - New England Patriots (last week 5)

6 - New Orleans Saints (last week 6)

7 - Philadelphia Eagles (last week 10)

8 - Seattle Seahawks (last week 8)

9 - New York Jets (last week unranked)

10 - Cincinnati Bengals (last week 7)

Honorable mentions:
Dallas Cowboys (last week 9), Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans


methodist monk said...

The Colts at number 2? Really? After that game in Houston against the whipping boy of the NFL. Their defense couldn't stop me from running for 100 yards and I don't run.

Anonymous said...

Again, Indy looks bad on D. I
just don't know about the Bears,
even with their record. Right
now I'd have to say the Super
Bowl will be...either San Diego
or Baltimore from the AFC and
the Eagles from the NFC or N.O.
Imagine that, the Saints in the
Super Bowl!