Sunday, December 03, 2006

Here we go...

The Steelers' hopes for a Super Bowl repeat may be significantly dimmed, but we are blessed to have this fine team in western PA. This afternoon, Robyn and I will be attending the game against Tampa Bay at Heinz Field...a kind couple in our congregation gave us their tickets. Yay God!

I'll also be at Heinz Field Thursday night for the game against the Browns (I'm taking my brother that evening). We're praying for victories!

God is good, good, good!

Update at 9:45 PM: Steelers 20, Tampa Bay 3

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Anonymous said...

I'm not praying for victoy. I'm praying for a good game, lots of excitement, and 5 losses to end the season. Since we're out of the playoffs, I'd just as soon go for the better draft pick in 2007.