Thursday, December 07, 2006

NFL Rankings - Week 13

1 - Indianapolis Colts (last week 1...they hold on to the top spot by a thread...their typically efficient offense is paired with a horrific defense which could sabotage their Super Bowl hopes)

2 - San Diego Chargers (last week 2...RB Tomlinson is the best player in the NFL, and, with the very effective Rivers at QB, could earn a Super Bowl title this season)

3 - New England Patriots (last week 3)

4 - Chicago Bears (last week 5...they need to solve the problem of QB Grossman's

5 - Seattle Seahawks (last week 6...with Alexander and Hasselbeck back, NFC teams better start worrying about them)

6 - Dallas Cowboys (last week out for Parcells' team, which could break a lot of NFC hearts)

7 - Baltimore Ravens (last week 4)

8 - New Orleans Saints (last week 9)

9 - Cincinnati Bengals (last week unranked)

10 - Denver Broncos (last week 8)

Teams on the Bubble:
Atlanta Falcons (if QB Vick can learn to pass effectively), Carolina Panthers (if they can learn to be consistent), Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs (last week 10), New York Giants (the collapse of the year), New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles (though I think this bird is cooked)

Worst in the NFL:
Arizona Cardinals (goodbye, Denny Green), Cleveland Browns (their "Super Bowl" is tonight at Heinz Field), Detroit Lions (the Ford family needs to fire ineffective GM Matt Millen post-haste), Oakland Raiders (Al Davis needs to give up power to an effective GM and hire a good coach...maybe Jeff Fisher if the Titans make a mistake and fire him at season's end), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the miserable loss to a bad Steelers team which was without its two best players is not a good sign for Gruden's team)

Heisman watch:
It's got to be Ohio State QB Troy Smith...though Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn will likely go before Smith in the NFL Draft.

About Pitt:
I'd advise giving Coach Dave Wannstedt one more year to turn things around...then, if there's no decent Bowl bid, cut him loose.

High School:
Tomorrow night, the Thomas Jefferson Jaguars play General McLane in the AAA semifinals. TJ is heavily favored to win and advance to next week's state championship. Go TJ!

My brother and I will be at Heinz Field to see the woeful Browns play the disappointing Steelers. It promises to be a cold evening, but, hopefully, one with a victorious Pittsburgh team.


methodist monk said...

Seahawks 5? Are you kidding me? Really? I'm sorry they are not as good as the Cowboys or the Surging Saints in the NFC.

Speaking of which: Game of the Week - Saints at the Cowboys (Sunday Night) probably will tell us who will really come out of the NFC for Super Bowl. (Bears D can't bail them out every time Rex throws 3 or 4 picks)


P.S. Go Saints!!!

Anonymous said...

Grossman is awful.

The Colts are like the Chargers of
the '80s. Great offense, not so
hot defense. They never made it
to the Super Bowl, even though they
had all those weapons on offense:
Fouts, Winslow, Muncie, etc.

I think the Chargers are the team to beat in the AFC. The NFC is
more wide open because of parity.

But who knows? You do remember
last year, don't you? :)