Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter at JUMC

"...every single time you see snow, it’s magical."
- Pamela Ribon

One of the treasures of Jefferson UM Church is our little "chapel in the woods". Built by our Boy Scout troop a few years ago, the chapel is situated in the little patch of forest near the church and directly behind the parsonage.

I love our little chapel. My predecessor used it for a personal little prayer spot, and I have as well. As I said, it's a real treasure. In the summertime, it's pretty lush and green; the deer love it year round.

Here are some winter images, taken by my Kate this evening...

Here is the chapel from a side view...

Here it is "head on"...

Here is a view of the South Hills from our chapel. Near the center (slightly to the right) is a shopping plaza which sits near the intersection of Rt. 51/Lebanon Church Road/Curry Hollow Road. Under the thin branches on the left is the Bethel Park area, where my friend John Shaver lives and serves.

This is a neat tree in the chapel area, which I refer to as the "Church tree" (since "Joshua Tree" was already taken). The branches of the tree are so intertwined, yet they maintain their individual identities. A good reminder (for me, anyway) of what the Church is like.


Anonymous said...

I <3 that tree!!!
I <3 the picture too!!!
Who ever toke them is a great photographer!!!

John said...