Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NFL Rankings - Week 3

1 - Indianapolis Colts (last week 3)...once again, the best in the NFL

2 - Chicago Bears (last week 6)...hard to believe they're this good

3 - Seattle Seahawks (last week 7)...what a performance; those days may be over now that Alexander is out

4 - Jacksonville Jaguars (last week 4)...they lost to the NFL's best; no shame in that

5 - San Diego Chargers (last week 9)

6 - Cincinnati Bengals (last week 2)...they took advantage of a sloppy Steelers performance

7 - Baltimore Ravens (last week 8)

8 - New Orleans Saints (last week unranked)...impressive start

9 - New England Patriots (last week 5)...tough loss against Denver

10 - Atlanta Falcons (last week 1)...what a dismal loss in New Orleans

Honorable mentions:
Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos (maybe the best unranked team), Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles

What the heck?:
Pittsburgh Steelers (last week 10)...they need this bye week to figure things out

Player of the Week:
Brett Favre...what a performance from this future Hall of Famer...maybe the QB who has been more fun to watch than any QB in history

Stinkin' up the League:
Cleveland Browns (though they kept it close vs. Baltimore), Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans (despite the fact that they have one of the best coaches in the NFL)

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