Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beginning of the Transition

This was a busy weekend for many reasons. Every year in Dawson, the area holds what's called the "Tri-Town Homecoming", aka "Dawson Days", a community festival that is lots of fun. We had a great time...tasty food, wonderful music, good friends. We were acutely aware that it was our final Homecoming, so everything felt bittersweet. Today, Pentecost...a great subject and a wonderful occasion. Communion was celebrated, of course. But the day was difficult because it was my last day at Bryan United Methodist Church, the "country" church I have served for four years. Some tears and some difficult goodbyes. Wednesday will be my final service at Cochran Memorial UMC, next Sunday my finale at Vanderbilt UMC. A very hard week wife Robyn and I covet your prayers!


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