Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm leaving today for a retreat with our Bishop and the pastors of the Butler and Pittsburgh Districts of Western PA Conference. We'll be staying at Camp Lutherlyn, a Lutheran retreat center near Butler, PA.

Bishop Bickerton has been holding these mandatory retreats throughout the Fall; I believe he'll be discussing our Strategic Plan ("Believe Again!") and his take on the itineracy. I'll try and blog a bit about my impressions upon my return.

Our Bible study will continue later this week, continuing our study of Joseph (the OT figure, not the NT figure) and what we can learn from his life concerning godly character. This week, we'll be looking at Joseph and sexual ethics (this week's study is entitled "When All Else Fails - RUN!").

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Chris said...

Keith, I did a similar study in college. For the passage you are talking about, we used the term "Flee Naked".