Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing But Nets

This is one of the most exciting projects in which the Church has been involved for some time.

Sports Illustrated, the United Nations, the NBA, and The United Methodist Church have banded together to start "Nothing But Nets", a program to stop the deaths of millions of people each year due to malaria. We know that by providing nets to stop mosquitos, the spread of malaria can be severely slowed. Together with vaccinations and other methods, we can really make a difference in Africa.

Bishop Thomas Bickerton, representing the UMC, will appear in Times Square on November 14 with NBA stars to give an official kick off to the program. He said that the UMC was asked to help with "Nothing But Nets" because there is a United Methodist presence — a school, clinic, or church — in nearly every African village. "United Methodist clinics, schools and churches are developing a community-based model of education, prevention, and treatment that can be used in other countries. It will teach people how to use the nets, use preventive drugs, and control mosquito-breeding areas. Our Communications Foundation also is setting up a community-based radio network to deliver information about prevention and treatment."

To learn more about this exciting ministry opportunity, click here.

To read an article in our Conference newspaper (a PDF file), which highlights the Bishop's involvement, click here.

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