Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NFL Rankings - Week 6

1 - Chicago Bears (last week 1)...a close Monday night game, but they persevered

2 - New England Patriots (last week 2)

3 - Indianapolis Colts (last week 3)

4 - New Orleans Saints (last week 7)...the football story of the year

5 - Denver Broncos (last week 9)

6 - Carolina Panthers (last week unranked)

7 - Baltimore Ravens (last week 5)...McNair better get healthy...fast

8 - Atlanta Falcons (last week 8)

9 - Cincinnati Bengals (last week 4)...are they beginning to implode?

10 - Philadelphia Eagles (last week 6)

Honorable mentions:
Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers (what a dominating performance), San Diego Chargers (last week 10), Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals...they almost beat the #1 ranked team in the NFL, but made some very costly mistakes against an opportunistic defense...QB Matt Leinart is coming on fast, and will very quickly be one of the NFL's best

Oakland Raiders...each week, they put on a clinic: "What Not to Do"...what a horrible mess of a football team

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Anonymous said...


Go ahead and list the Redskins as
a bad team. They are awful right
now. But I still love them.

That was some game last night.
The Bears look impressive on