Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quiet Ministry

Today, I took some time for some pretty important ministry. I spent the morning with my wife.

We don't get much time alone together; there are usually kids everywhere or church people in abundance. It was nice to just relax, talk, and run errands together. She is such a great lady, filled with grace and compassion, and hot, hot, hot.

When Elliot got home (he attends morning kindergarten), we took him to lunch. Then, Elliot and I put Mommy down for a much needed (and rarely obtained) nap. We had a good time throwing a football and then a baseball in the backyard. Finally, before the other kids got home, we watched The Nativity Story together (Elliot had lots of questions).

A nice day; we rarely have quiet days such as this.

In a few hours, I'll be off to the airport to pick up the Rev. Dennis Lawton, a former member of our Conference who is coming in this week for a take-in at a UM church here in western PA; he and his family will be returning to us this summer after spending a few years in the Irish Methodist Church.

Thank God for days like this, which are so important for "recharging"!