Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars: The Day After

Last night's Academy Awards broadcast was...pretty boring. I ended up watching it because there was nothing else on and I was bored...and the Oscars did little to help that mood. Host Jon Stewart was surprisingly boring.

I was happy that Reese Witherspoon won for her brilliant portrayal of music legend June Carter Cash in the film Walk the Line; I wish her co-star Joaquin Phoenix would have won for his portrayal of icon Johnny Cash, but it wasn't to be.

Other thoughts...George Clooney may be the biggest airhead west of the Mississippi River...Crash pulled the only real surprise of the evening by beating Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture, and I didn't really care...the Best Original Song award was an embarrassment to all who love music. John Stewart's best line of the evening came after the "Three 6 Mafia" won the award for the "song" "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" (which sounded to me like a bad skit from "Saturday Night Live"). Stewart was counting total lifetime Oscars: "Three 6 Mafia: one; Martin Scorsese: zero." With that one observation, he pointed out the futility of the evening.

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