Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day in the holy season of LENT. Lent is an opportunity for Christians to really look inside themselves, reflect upon their lives, sins, and spirituality, repent, and reconnect with God. Lasting forty days (not including Sundays), Lent is a reflection of Jesus' forty days in the wilderness. An excellent explanation of the season can be found HERE, on the phenomenal website of Ken Collins, one of the best Christian sites on the web.

In the churches I serve, we will be gathering tonight to hear the word proclaimed, receive the traditional ashes on our foreheads (reminding us of our sin and mortality), and celebrate the Eucharist. While I'm sharing from Joel 2 and Psalm 51, my main text will be from Romans 2. My theme for Lent is "Circumcision of the Heart", based on John Wesley's Sermon 17.

It can be a blessed exercise for Christians to be serious about connecting worship and daily living in Lent; I hope to lead the churches I serve in faithfulness this Lenten season.

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Brett Probert said...

Is it Lent? I didn't know. Being in a non-traditional church, we don't know such things. Thanks for helping me to keep my calendar of archaic information up to date.