Friday, March 10, 2006

"Idol" update, March 10

No big surprises. Kinnik gone (after an abysmal performance), Will gone. Those two were "givens".

I'm a little surprised that Gedeon left and Bucky stayed. Bucky will, barring unlikely brilliance, be the next to go. Also, Ayla left, which wasn't a real surprise (could have been Melissa or Ayla, and I think the right choice was made).

Of course, my boy Taylor Hicks is still there, and ready to go all the way.

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Jeff V said...

Taylor Hicks is by far the most entertaining of the American Idol contestants, if not the most talented. I think Chris will be the winner, but I'd go see a Taylor Hicks concert before I'd see any of the others perform. He's the man!