Saturday, March 04, 2006

1st Sunday in Lent

My theme for Lent is "Circumcision of the Heart", based on John Wesley's Sermon 17. I've broken the sermon down into some important points about what it means to walk in holiness (a.k.a. "circumcision of the heart"), and tomorrow I'm preaching on temptation.

What I can relate to in the lectionary's Gospel reading (Mark 1:9-15) is that Jesus is tempted by Satan immediately after a high point in his life, his baptism in the River Jordan. That's how the Enemy works, isn't it? Right when we're feeling good, when we're in the midst of joy and celebration...BANG! We get hit...and we're suddenly in the wilderness. That can make it difficult to enjoy the good times, can't it?

But what is so comforting is what we read in Mark 1:12...the Holy Spirit is the one who drove Jesus into the wilderness. That tells us that we are not alone in those difficult times, and that God has a purpose, a plan...even for the wilderness times. That reminds us just how truly good God is. Thank the Lord for his goodness!

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Brett Probert said...

That'll preach. You're in my prayers today.

PS, thanks for letting me know it is Lent!