Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Weekend

It's good to have a weekend off. It's even better to spend that time with friends. This weekend, I will officiate at the wedding of Melissa Costolo and Bill Ferris at Hopwood UM Church. Melissa is the daughter of Randy and Carmella Costolo (pictured). Randy is a pastor in our Conference currently serving the Hopwood & Brownfield Charge. Randy and I served together as a pastoral team in Dawson, and have remained friends and brothers in Christ. Robyn is a bridesmaid in the wedding (and looks stunning in her dress); the Costolos are family.

My mother will be staying with the wee McIlwains as Robyn and I enjoy some rare time alone together. I'm looking forward to the time with my beautiful wife and with good friends. God is good.


Unknown said...

Have an awesome time with the wife and enjoy the time spent with Randy and family.

God's Grace,

Eric Park said...

God's blessings upon what promises to be a very special weekend.

Jeff Kahl said...

Have a great weekend!

Brett Probert said...

I hope this is a great day, but I have no idea why you would be wasting your time with this and even blogging about it when you could be celebrating Halloween. Get your priorities straight. It is all about Halloween.