Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday review

What a great day!

Sunday began with some awesome worship at JUMC. We had an excellent turnout, especially considering that a good many of our folks were out of town for various events; we also had a good many visitors. The Spirit was present and doing what he does, and it was wonderful to be a part of it! We focused on Psalm 137 before celebrating the Eucharist, and the power was evident! Hard to leave without being on fire!

Then, some JUMC folks gathered with other disciples from the area at South Park for the resurrected South Hills CROP Walk. Thanks to the faithful leadership of servants like Kathy Clark and John Shaver, the event was tremendous! I'm not sure yet of the final numbers, but there were a lot of walkers of all ages, a good amount of money was raised for those living in poverty in our region and throughout the world, and a great tradition was, I believe, reborn in southern Allegheny County. Robyn and I brought the kids, which meant that we lagged near the rear of the walk...Elliot had to take two steps for every one of ours...but we all made it and we were very proud of the kids. While we walked, the Steelers trounced the Seahawks a few miles away at Heinz Field. God is good!

We ended the day at my mother's home in Swissvale with family members visiting and watching Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers (tough loss). Today, I'm driving north with my Uncle Chuck, visiting from Tijuana, to see autumn glory in Pennsylvania; he hasn't been here at this time of year in 20 years, so he's pretty excited to see the transformation.

We had a beautiful Sunday, which leaves me thanking my Heavenly Father and looking forward to more great days ahead!


Unknown said...

Glad to share in the day with you brother. I pray Claire is well too! Lagging with you...Jeff

Keith H. McIlwain said...

Claire is fine, thanks. Only her pride was hurt after wiping out on the swings.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing with us Keith! Keep on living the call.