Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Tweets from Wesleyan Leadership Conference, Day 3 (10/16/10)

Day 3 featured a roundtable discussion with Taylor Burton-Edwards (@twbe), Sandy Jackson, Scott Kisker, and Don Woolley, mediated by Steve Manskar of GBOD.

"There's something about a story..." Rev Katie Wilson of West OH Conf, during a breakfast conversation (love the quote!)

Don't try to fix the God & your neighbor. @twbe

Discipleship begins with humility. Sandy Jackson

Re: Discipleship in a Wesleyan context: There are standards. There are expectations. Meet them. @twbe

We can't manufacture the fruit of the spirit...but make yourself as vulnerable to the Holy Spirit as you can. Scott Kisker

Be relentlessly committed to the mission. Don Woolley

Working theme for UMC 2012 General Conference in Tampa, FL: Dicipleship by the Sea. (Not yet approved by Council of Bishops)

Unfortunately, the UMC has reserved Wesley's historic questions for the clergy; they're for ALL Methodists. Steve Manskar

What are your gifts? What is your passion? Practice it...use it to the utmost. Sandy Jackson

Church as we have it now is largely NOT set up to make people more like Jesus. Scott Kisker

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Brett Probert said...

I am really enjoying sounds like it was a fantastic conference with a real focus on faithful ministry. Good stuff!