Monday, October 18, 2010

My Tweets from Wesleyan Leadership Conference, Day 1 (10/14/10)

Most of these are from Dr Scott Kisker, professor of history @ Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. He was the conference's keynote speaker and his book Mainline or Methodist?: Rediscovering Our Evangelistic Mission was in large part the inspiration for the conference.

The hope is to develop a network of leaders who are committed to the Wesleyan way. Steve Manskar

"We are about people being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit...and that means an encounter with Jesus." Scott Kisker

The church's main job is to be the aroma of Christ...but too often we smell like everyone else. Scott Kisker

People in a consumer capitalist society generally don't wonder how they can win the approval of an angry God. Scott Kisker

Our love of God & neighbor is a direct reflection of whether or not we are saved. Scott Kisker

God made you & he made you to be happy in him & nothing else can make you happy. Scott Kisker quoting John Wesley

According to Wesley, the love of God & the grace of God are the same thing; grace is God's love. Scott Kisker

Before we do ANYthing, the love of God runs out to meet us. Scott Kisker on prevenient grace

Methodism has backslid. Scott Kisker

There is a real danger in thinking we can have a holy society w/o having a holy people...Methodism has lost that vision. Scott Kisker

Instead of spreading scriptural holiness, the UMC has focused on building a denomination with influence in society. Scott Kisker

We have allowed ourselves to be co-opted by the issues in the culture. Scott Kisker

The American dilemma: we have both malnutrition & obesity. Scott Kisker

We're the Church of England now..."state church mentality" Scott Kisker

You DO have something to offer; it's JESUS! It's not about having a better cinnamon roll than the next guy. Scott Kisker

The lie of the world is that we're OK. We're NOT OK; we're utterly dependent on Christ. Scott Kisker

Wesley said nothing original his entire life; praise the Lord! Theology that's original is heresy. Scott Kisker

Sanctification is about complete dependence on God and NO dependence on yourself. Scott Kisker

Consumeristic marketing is not evangelism. Scott Kisker

"I submitted to be more vile..." Wesley on field preaching, which he learned to love.

Wesley believed that if field preaching ceased, so would revival. Scott Kisker

The very nature of grace is that it always invites us into deeper relationship with God. Scott Kisker

"Attend upon all the ordinances of God" is not necessarily the same as "stay in love with God". We've lost something. Scott Kisker

The class meeting is little more than a memory for most of Methodism. Scott Kisker

Being in a Methodist band meant being priests for one another. Scott Kisker

It is amazing what power confession can have with human beings. Scott Kisker

The road to holiness is through confession. Scott Kisker

Class mtgs weren't for Christians but for servants of God..."good Pharisees". These are the Methodists. Scott Kisker

You cannot love God & neighbor without a neighbor; we need community. Scott Kisker

Unless you understand the gravity of sin, you don't know the full power of the love of God. Scott Kisker

If we're only meeting physical needs, we're not meeting needs. Scott Kisker

God's love was incarnate so that we might become God's love incarnate. Scott Kisker

Holiness means forsaking one's woldly identity & accepting Christ's identity. Scott Kisker

Contemporary mainline Methodists have become Pelagian. Scott Kisker

The education standards for Methodist ministers are too deforms people. Scott Kisker

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