Friday, August 29, 2008

Order of Elder

Yesterday, Bishop Thomas Bickerton convened a meeting of the Order of Elder in Western PA Conference, hosted by Christ UMC in Bethel Park. Hundreds of pastors - Elders, Deacons, local pastors, and provisional pastors - gathered for a time of worship and fellowship. Along the way, Elders elected Eric Park as the head of the Order for the next four years. Deb Flint will head up the Deacons and Tony Fallisi will head up the local pastors.

A few of us went to the Olive Garden for lunch rather than partake of the provided munchies; here are some pics of the guilty parties...

Dayton Mix (Reynoldsville), Dennis Lawton (Tionesta),
Gary Bailey (Brush Run)

Randy Costolo (Hopwood), Eric Raygor (Somerset: Grace)

Myself, Randy, Eric

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Randy Roda said...

Keith was what the theme of the event...give me a synopsis