Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday night

Just a quick note to express my excitement over our Saturday evening service. Our outdoor chapel is a lovely spot, one which I go to often for prayer (as did my predecessor). The entrance/exit to the chapel opens up on a yard between the church parking lot and the parsonage. The neat thing is that we are just a matter of yards away from the very busy Gill Hall Road, which has almost non-stop traffic. We are just a few miles away from Century III Mall and the busy-ness of PA Rt. 51, yet, here, amidst the green beauty of God's creation, we are apart from the technological noise of 21st century life. It's a great little place for which I thank God and those who have made the chapel into what it is.

Tonight, Kate will be playing her fiddle as I play guitar, leading God's people in hymns both old and new. I'm excited about what God is doing here, and thrilled that I am honored to be a part of it! God is good!

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