Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catching Up

I'm very, very busy at JUMC right now, catching up after Annual Conference and getting ready for a youth mission trip next week and our family vacation the week after that, with Bible School upon my return. All of this is happening while continuing work with the local food pantry / social outreach team (though they've gotten the shaft recently, in terms of my time, I'm embarrassed to admit) and trying to get our ministerium off the ground (we're planning a back-to-school prayer service as our first "official" event together, but are having some logistical problems with the school district). Of course, the day-in, day-out ministry grind rolls on...thanks be to God!

On top of everything else, today is the sixth birthday of our son Elliot, so I have some family issues to which I need to attend as well. No time for a meaningful blog post!

One additional note: today is the fourth anniversary of my ordination as an Elder by The United Methodist Church. I'm giving thanks today for the ministry journey, and grateful for the friendship of those ordained alongside me on that special day.

Three things I wanted to quickly note...

...please pray for the Cox/Weigant family in the days ahead. Tracy and Greg Cox are pastors in Western PA Conference; Tracy's father passed away suddenly on the last day of our Conference session. The memorial service is Saturday; please lift them all up before the Lord...

...there is a neat new site on the web which is devoted to liturgy. Strong Center Open Doors is facilitated by Dan Benedict and looks to be a place where folks can think outside the box in terms of liturgical structures and resources. While it doesn't use the words "emergent" or "missional", at least as far as I can see, it does talk about post-modern, post-Christian, and post-denominational thinking. Lots of potential with this new site; I'd recommend a look... of the aspects of Annual Conference which astounded me was the number of people who approached me and said, "I love your blog." I really appreciate that, but am frankly surprised that anyone reads this thing, much less that they find it worthwhile. I am humbled and filled with gratitude. God is good...and surprising!


Brett Probert said...

Take heart...I don't read it and I don't find it worthwhile.

Love, Brett

Randy Roda said...

What in the world were we thinking four years ago? I guess that every once in a while, A heretic or two sneak in. I plan to expose you completely on the 24th. Talking about exposing ourselves is probably dangerous...and a chargeable offense!