Monday, November 27, 2006

Smart Quiz

"Intellectually" Intelligent

You're 'Intellectually Intelligent.'
That pretty much means that you're good with
theoretical ideas and concepts -
but this comes to you naturally.
More or less, you're a natural brainiac. Good for you.

30% theoretical intelligence
40% natural intelligence

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Thanks to Chris Kindle (who is "All-Around Smart").


Brett Probert said...

I knew you were there is proof! I will not take the test for fear that I would be humiliated at my own stupidity.

Art said...

Isn't everyone smart on this quiz. There is no stupidity section. I too scored as 'Intellectually intelligent'.

Brett Probert said...

Actually, that's what scares me. I'm afraid they will have to invent a new category. Maybe like, "never smart" or "never will be" or "thinks he knows it all but really knows nothing" or better yet, "thinks he nos it all butt rely nos nuttin"

Anonymous said...

I am "All Around Smart". I KNEW it! I've been trying to tell you people for years.