Friday, November 10, 2006

NFL Rankings - Week 9

1 - Indianapolis Colts (last week 3)...the best in the NFL;
Peyton Manning will likely win ANOTHER league MVP award, and, I believe, his first Super Bowl championship

2 - New England Patriots (last week 2)...tough loss to Indy...several uncharacteristic mistakes by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady proved costly

3 - Chicago Bears (last week 1)...they lose their first game of the season to Miami? U-G-L-Y.

4 - New Orleans Saints (last week 4)...with a bye this week...oops, sorry; they play the Steelers

5 - New York Giants (last week 8)...the NFC will come down to the Bears, the Saints, and Peyton Manning's little brother's team

6 - Denver Broncos (last week 6)...they didn't look TOO impressive beating a Pittsburgh team that beat itself, but Mike Shanahan finds a way to stay in the mix year in and year out

7 - Baltimore Ravens (last week 7)

8 - San Diego Chargers (last week 10)

9 - Kansas City Chiefs (last week unranked)

10 - Seattle Seahawks (last week unranked)

Honorable mentions:
Atlanta Falcons (last week 5), Cincinnati Bengals (last week 9), Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets

Midseason awards:
MVP - Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts
Coach - Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints
Offensive player - LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego Chargers
Defensive player - Champ Bailey, CB, Denver Broncos or
Shawne Merriman, DE, San Diego Chargers

AFC Championship: New England at Indianapolis
NFC Championship: New Orleans at Chicago
(but don't be surprised if NY ends up here instead of the Saints)
Super Bowl: Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts
Super Bowl Champion: Indianapolis Colts

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Today I think it will be the
Giants and Colts. A Manning

In fact Sports Illustrated is
predicting this too. But who

And there is something about
the Chargers I like too.
Tomlinson is fun to watch.