Monday, November 27, 2006

On Evangelicalism: Good quote

"Here is no unanchored liberalism—

freedom to think without commitment.

Here is no encrusted dogmatism—

commitment without freedom to think.

Here is vibrant evangelicalism—

commitment with freedom to think

within the limits laid down in Scripture."

- Dr. Vernon Grounds, Chancellor, Denver Seminary

(Thanks to Emergent Nazarenes.)

I like this quote because it concisely differentiates evangelicalism from theological liberalism as well as fundamentalism while also leaning upon Scriptural authority without a commitment to any particular hermeneutic. Good stuff.

Incidentally, a Nazarene brother recently emailed me and mentioned three Nazarene-related sites which deal with both sacramental theology and the emergent church conversation among our Wesleyan brethren; here are the links...

* Emergent Nazarenes
* Nazarene Round Table
* Sacramental Nazarenes

(Thanks to Nathan Zipfel.)

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