Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pre-Annual Conference Prayer list

As we prepare for Annual Conference, there are a few important items about which those of us in Western PA should be praying diligently.

* Bishop Bickerton, who will again be presiding over our Conference...pray that the Spirit would guide him, protect him & his family, and fill him with wisdom & joy;

* The Cabinet, which has done much appointive work in recent months (led, of course, by our Bishop), and which still has work to do...pray that the Cabinet will also have wisdom & an attentiveness to the Holy Spirit;

* The Conference Sessions Team, led by Barb Moore & Mark Goswick; these wonderful folks work tirelessly to make everything function in Grove City for us...pray that they would have the strength & stamina to finish their work for (and during) our 2010 session;

* Our Youth Ministry Team, led by Renaye Hoffman; one can hardly imagine how our Conference gatherings would look in any meaningful sense - functionally & spiritually - without the youth, who help with the proceedings and bring so much to the table in terms of mission & focus...pray that they are blessed & that the Spirit speaks to them & through them in Grove City;

* Our 2011 Conference Budget...pray that a missional heart will fill us all and that the Lord's will prevails;

* Prep for the 2012 General & Jurisdictional Conferences...pray that our work would bear good fruit & that those ultimately elected to represent Western PA will be filled with the Holy Spirit in every way;

* Legislation presented...pray that God will guide us & that every item passed would further Kingdom work in our region and around the globe.

* Additionally, we will likely begin work on a restructuring of our Annual Conference, as our Connectional Table is requesting permission to form a task force to present a plan possibly as early as 2011. Pray for the Connectional Table, chairperson Greg Cox, and the task force which will be formed, that the Lord will speak his vision to them.

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