Friday, October 02, 2009

Most Overlooked for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

(note: these artists should already be in the Hall, but sadly are not;
several are nominated for possible inlcusion in 2010)

1 - Bernie Taupin (non-performer)

2 - Patsy Cline

3 - Tommy James &
the Shondells

4 - Pat Benatar

5 - Brian Epstein (non-performer)

6 - ABBA

7 - Genesis

8 - Chic

9 - The Monkees

10 - Moody Blues


Katherine Taylor said...

Pat Benetar should really be in the hall of fame

Tommyg said...

Patsy Cline is in the country hall of fame, as she should be, she was an amazing vocalist.

Pat Benatar! YES! And not just because she was my 2nd boyhood crush. :) She definitely gave a shot in the arm to rock and pop in the 80's. She had an attitude!

Genesis: Yeah I could dig on that.

ABBA: Sorry, no. I like Dancing Queen as much as the next person but the Hall of Fame should mean excellence, innovation and/or long standing tradition of quality. ABBA doesn't really fit that bill. They were just a good and fun pop band.

The Monkees: Also no for everything I said above. I also don't even know if the all really played their instruments on the records. (I could be wrong about that..)

I was just perusing the inductee list and I would have to say that one glaring omission is the band: The Meters!

It is often said there are two kinds of funk: James Brown Funk and Meters Funk. And though it is a generalization, it is kind of spot on. The Meters created a style of playing that has had a huge influence on so many of the bands and artists that are around today.

Two other highly influential bands that are missing are Yes and King Crimson (not my favorites but they have been very influential).

One other glaring omission is Chaka Khan!! She is one of the best R&B vocalists EVER! Her and her 70's band Rufus were amazing.

In fact it would be a disgrace for ABBA to make it in before any of the aforementioned artists/bands.

It seems to me that the Rock and Roll hall of fame is becoming no more then a popularity contest. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are nominated this year!?! THAT is also a disgrace. Especially since the four artists I have mentioned above have not been inducted yet.

Those are my four cents. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, Keith, you are psychic... both ABBA and Genesis going in this year!

In my book, the most overlooked band is Rush. Together and still going strong for 35 years, with over 25 million albums sold, they undeniably deserve a place in the Hall of Fame.