Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Underrated Artists in Rock and Roll History

1 - Crowded House

2 - The Monkees

3 - The Moody Blues

4 - Dave Edmunds / Rockpile

5 - Culture Club

6 - Stray Cats

7 - Squeeze

8 - Procol Harum

9 - Blue Cheer

10 - Chris Isaak


Tommyg said...

Hi this is my first visit to your blog! I love Crowded House. I am a musician by trade and am also a music educator at a few Universities. I play and teach drum set so I thought that I would should comment on your August 21 post about Rock and Roll Drummers.

For what it is worth I think that Bonham is a CLEAR #1. His creativity, groove, technique, appreciation of the history of the music, ability to listen to and assimilate other styles, and over all aesthetic put him head and shoulders above everyone else on that list. Ringo is both the most underrated and overrated drummer in Rock and Roll History. He was perfect for The Beatles and had his own sound as well. But John Bonham was the cat!!

Nice blog!

Tommyg said...

Oh and I am glad that you put Earl Palmer on the list!!

Keith H. McIlwain said...

Thanks Tommy. Earl Palmer is, sadly, one of many drummers (like Gene Chrisman & Hal Blaine) whose influence is ENORMOUS yet who remain generally unknown by the general public.