Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL history (Super Bowl era)

1 - Joe Montana

2 - John Elway

3 - Johnny Unitas

4 - Terry Bradshaw

5 - Tom Brady

6 - Dan Marino

7 - Steve Young

8 - Peyton Manning

9 - Brett Favre

10 - Roger Staubach


Unknown said...

No disagreements, just a question.

How do you gauge "great"?

Impact plays?

One example is big Ben. It is still too early to put him on this list, but here is my thinking.

His numbers in the Seattle Super Bowl were terrible, but I think that game showed him to be a great leader. I don't think Pittsburgh would have won without his leadership, scrambling and several impact plays; even though his play was terrible.

Anyway, point is there is a lot needed to make a QB great.

How do you measure it?

Keith H. McIlwain said...

Well, yards & TDs ("stats") certainly help.

Super Bowl wins matter more, though, because a QB's goal is not to throw for 300 yards a game but to win a ring.

So I guess I'd rate "leadership" above TDs & stats. It's why I have Brady ahead of Manning.

Next Wednesday I'll list the best CURRENT QBs.

Clay Knick said...

I'd put Johnny U 1st, then the rest.

Unknown said...

cool. I look forward to the next list.