Friday, August 07, 2009

Greatest Bassists in Rock and Roll History

1 - Paul McCartney

2 - John Entwistle

3 - Bill Black

4 - Carol Kaye

5 - James Jamerson

6 - Jack Bruce

7 - John McVie

8 - Chris Squire

9 - Noel Redding

10 - John Paul Jones


Anonymous said...

Entwistle was a true virtuoso and I am glad you have recognized him. Listen to his playing on "Cold Water," and other tracks in the Quadrophenia rock opera. He stood far above McCartney's straight ahead, rather pedestrian bass playing. No one in R&R ever came close to what Entwistle did with a bass guitar.

Keith H. McIlwain said...

I love Entwistle's work (obviously). But McCartney's mastery of melody gave him a different sense of basslines, and he came up with some of the greatest (and most tasteful) countermelodies in history, revolutionizing a "rhythm" instrument by making it a "melodic" instrument. It's the difference between virtuosity (Entwistle) and genius (McCartney). I stand by my choice!

Greg Cox said...

Geddy Lee should be on your list!

Keith H. McIlwain said...

Greg, I dig Geddy Lee's bass playing, but he's not as skilled or as influential as the folks I've named. These are some incredible musicians.