Monday, July 03, 2006

AntiChrist 7/3/06

I'm not a big literalist when it comes to "end times" theology. Frankly, a lot of my sisters and brothers who take the "left behind" stuff too seriously give me the creeps. Jesus will come back when the Father is good and ready; I'm not going to waste time looking for clues while there are plenty of folks who don't know Jesus, who live in poverty, and who are oppressed and in despair.

Having said that, sometimes I humorously pick candidates saying, "Maybe that one is the AntiChrist!" From time to time on my blog, I may mention some who could be candidates. Today it's Oprah Winfrey. She is a very powerful, very wealthy talk-show host who "earned" her money like talk-show hosts generally exploiting the pain of other people. So many folks just adore Oprah, clinging to her every word (and, yes, I know she gives to a lot of charities). She has a definite spiritual side, though it seems to me to be very syncretistic and vague, not specifically Christian. For more on her spirituality, see here.

At any rate, she gives me the willies. She's today's possible candidate for the AntiChrist.

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