Friday, April 28, 2006

TNIV: Steelers edition

Today, I got myself a new TNIV Bible. It's a great looking black and gold duotone leather thinline edition. One of the reasons I purchaed this particular edition is the black and gold; I'll always have this Bible to commemorate this year's Super Bowl champion, the blessed Pittsburgh Steelers.

The TNIV (Today's New International Version) has taken a lot of heat from some evangelical leaders, notably activist/commentator Charles Colson, Focus on the Family's James Dobson, televangelist Jerry Falwell, Calvinist charismatic scholar Wayne Grudem, Calvinist pastor D. James Kennedy, Calvinist pastor John MacArthur, Calvinist great J.I. Packer, dispensationalist Charles Ryrie, and hyperCalvinist pastor R.C. Sproul.

Still, other evangelical leaders have been very supportive, notably D.A. Carson, Jim Cymbala, Gordon Fee, Adam Hamilton, Bill Hybels, Richard Mouw, John Ortberg, Ronald Sider, John Stott, Lee Strobel, and Philip Yancey.

With all due respect to the former group, many of whom I greatly admire, I give a bit more weight to the latter group. Packer is one of the most significant theological voices of the past 50 years...Colson has done a remarkable job for prisoners and their families...Dobson deserves much credit for bringing families and family issues to the forefront of society and ministry. But Cymbala, Hamilton, and Hybels are transforming lives today, as pastors and as resources for pastors.

More importantly for me, I have a healthy mistrust of folks who believe (falsely) that Calvinism is another word for evangelicalism or even Christianity. Calvinism is a flawed theological system, imperfect and at times unbiblical. I have many faithful sisters and brothers in Christ who are Calvinist, and that's fine; but folks (like Sproul) who believe it's the way often do more harm than good. So, God bless them...I'll trust the other group.

I also like the intent of the TNIV...trying to be inclusive (in the best sense of the word) while maintaining textual integrity. It's a good translation, and I'm glad to use it and to have my Steelers edition!


Chris said...

Yes, ladies and Gentleman...there is only one Keith Mcilwain.

Great post keep being you.

Brett Probert said...

Amen. (I think)

Katiekate said...
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Unknown said...

I hope you don't mind,Keith, but I had a couple questions for you.

Why did you choose to post the theological perspective of the first group, but not post the theological perspective of the second?
Since you only include mostly calvanist/dispensationists in the first group, are you suggesting that Calvanists have concerns about the TNIV to the exclusion of other theologians?
Are you suggesting that being a Calvanist makes this group unreliable in their ability to provide proper criticism of all Bible translations?
You also say the second group is active in transforming lives... are you then suggesting that the first group, because they are Calvanist, are not actively transforming lives or that you just don't respect the way they do it?

Sorry so many questions, and I don't intend these as a criticism of what you wrote, I am just asking for some clarity. I appreciate any insights you can offer.