Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CEB review

Ken Collins has run one of the best Christian websites for years now; his site is filled with fine resources and challenging thoughts. I visit it often.

He recently posted a rather scathing review of the Common English Bible, a 2011 translation published by Abingdon Press, the publishing arm of The United Methodist Church. I always appreciate Ken's insights and opinions on Bible translations, a field he takes very seriously as both a pastor and a scholar. His language in opposition to the CEB is strong and invites serious reflection. I confess that I have not been particularly comfortable with the CEB, and don't use it often; perhaps Ken has narrowed the rationale for some of my discomfort.

I also encourage folks to peruse Ken's reviews of other English Bible translations, which are excellent summaries.

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Steve and Andrea LaMotte said...

Thanks for the link. I used the CEB in the fall for my sermon preparation and devotional reading (still used NRSV and NIV in worship)- and I was pretty disappointed. It's on the shelf, but I don't think it will get much use.