Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upcoming UMC Amendments

Of all the many videos available about the upcoming proposals, I appreciate this most, because it comes from the African perspective, which we desperately need to hear.


Anonymous said...

Rev. Kulah raises some very good points - similar to ones I hear raised by "grassroots" UMC folks in the USA anytime change is proposed.

Part of the question is structural, I think. He proposes that the "grassroots" should be informed and be given a voice.

Isn't that what General Conference and Annual Conference is for? The Central Conference bishops have been among those pushing for these changes (according to Bishop Jones' video).

The grassroots speaks in the UMC. Indeed, it already has at General Conference. Now the Annual Conferences vote. I'm not sure what other form of "grassroots" information and voting system we would put in place.

BruceA said...

Interesting. I must confess, I'm a layperson who does not know anything about the proposed UMC amendments. I've gone to umc.org and downloaded the PDFs about the amendments, but nothing is any clearer. In what way would the UMC be restructured?

Jeff Conn said...

It would make the US a central conference like any other country. Only now they'll be called regional conferences. That's about all it would do. There is a possibility that some of the issues the US struggles with like homosexuality or gun control or war, might be handled separately at a regional conference not at General Conference with everyone else. Central conference countries seem to think that's a good idea. Conservatives in the US fear the loss of conservative votes from Africa if we do that. That could change the rules on homosexuality for the US. But no one is saying the proposed changes will actually do that. That would be years away. It just makes it a future possibility. That's how I understand it anyway.

John Meunier said...

It is not clear what the consequence would be - which is one source of opposition to the change.

Liberals I know hope the amendment will lead to changes on homosexuality in the US. Conservatives fear this.

Bishop Jones in his video says that kind of issue will still be voted on at General Conference and the amendment would have no bearing on it.

As Yoda says, "Difficult to see the future is."

Keith H. McIlwain said...

And i keep hearing those on the Left say that the Central Conference folks want this change, but I've not heard any of the Central Conference folks actually SAY that. Which is why I found Rev. Kulah's video interesting.

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