Tuesday, January 29, 2008

5 Most Played on My iPod right now

Just for fun...

#1 - "Here Comes the Sun (live)" by George Harrison

#2 (tie) - "Nowhere Man"
by the Beatles,
"There She Goes Again"
by the La's

#3 (tie) - "God Only Knows"
by the Beach Boys,
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash,
"You Know I'm No Good"
by Amy Winehouse

#4 - "Mama Kin" by Aerosmith

#5 (tie) - "I Feel Fine" by the Beatles,
"Only A Pawn in Their Game" by Bob Dylan


Greg Cox said...

Got the iPod for Christmas and I am lovin every minute of it. It has reinvigorated my love for all this music that I used to listen to before I scrapped all my tapes and vinyl. Sometimes I shuffle, sometimes I listen to entire covers.

Jeff Kahl said...

Good selections, Keith.
If/when I ever get an iPod, I'll let you know what my top 5 are!

Brett Probert said...

Right now it is Buck Owens and Waylon Jennings on mine...exclusively.