Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Tweets from Wesleyan Leadership Conference, Day 2 (10/15/10)

Day 2 speakers included Taylor Burton-Edwards (@twbe) of GBOD, Alabama pastor Don Woolley and Sandy Jackson of GBOD (and a native of the Western PA Conference!).

The UMC is suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. @twbe

We don't call him the HOLY Spirit for nothing. @twbe

The Church is a network, not a congregational unit or Conference unit. @twbe

Research shows that most UM clergy & laity do not take time to pray daily. Most do not know how to pray. @twbe

Our system is designed to reward non-performance of holiness. @twbe

Among people on the margin, there's not just apathy toward the Church out there; there is outright hostility. Don Woolley

Church "success" repels the unchurched. Don Woolley

Jesus Tribe was not a traditional "church plant" & got discontinued because it wasn't a congregation.

Mobile, AL is the place where Christendom will breathe its last breath. Don Woolley

God is a missional God...a sending God. Don Woolley

Methodism 1.0 was movement; Methodism 2.0 institution; Methodist 3.0 reclaiming the missional, movement identity. Don Woolley

This is a chance to rediscover who we were always meant to be. Don Woolley on the end of Christendom

Being missional = being in relationship, long term, on their turf. Don Woolley

If we put on the best show then we get the best market... consumeristic. You can't move beyond that. Don Woolley on the "attractional church"

The megachurch is a Baby Boomer phenomenon...it has plateau'd...younger people need a new model. Don Woolley

2nd reference to the Borg today. We are all Trekkers now.

Many of the cages pastors live in have been built by their own hands; we have great freedom to do what we have to do. Don Woolley

Being missional would change UM appt process; "what does this community need to share Jesus", not focused on pastors or congregations needs. Don Woolley

"It's not our job to survive. It's our job to serve, even if it means we don't survive." Don Woolley

What if we measured success by how many 3rd graders in community can read @ a 3rd grade level, not how many people in pews? Don Woolley

What we count/measure (attendance, apportionments, etc) has more to do with institutional survival than mission. Don Woolley

There is no such thing as Christian community outside of mission. Don Woolley

It's easier to learn than it is to apply. Don Woolley // Amen.

Jesus came to us as a missionary; if we're to follow him, we must be a missionary people. Don Woolley

If you're only 5 people, go make a difference in 5 lives. Don Woolley

Instead of being the "aroma of Christ" we (UMs) smell like everyone else. Don Woolley

I'm very influenced by N.T. Wright. Don Woolley

There is a disconnect between Sunday morning life & Monday life. Sandy Jackson

Sandy Jackson talking about the doctrine of the Priesthood of All Believers. 1 Pet 2:9

There are some good things in the Book of Discipline...mostly in the front part. Sandy Jackson

Sandy Jackson referring to Philippians 2, having the mind of Christ...holiness...discipleship.

If we're not careful we find ourselves following the teachings of Jesus that suit our temperament & avoiding those that don't. Sandy Jackson

Love that Sandy Jackson pauses to pray after making a point. Shows her humility & desire for obedience.

When you make dinner, make the best dinner you can (Col 3:23)...but sometimes you get burned. Sandy Jackson

Sandy Jackson has now referred to the doctrine of Christian perfection 3x in presentation. Our ignored UMC doctrine! Kudos!

The Holy Spirit will do what the Holy Spirit does...sometimes unexpectedly & quite inconveniently. Sandy Jackson

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