Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayer for Annual Conference 2015

O gracious God,
we pray for your holy Church in western Pennsylvania,
meeting this week in Grove City,
that you would be pleased to fill her with all truth,
in all peace.

Where she is corrupt,
purify her;
where she is in error,
direct her;
where in any thing she is amiss,
reform her;
where she is right,
strengthen her;
where she is in want,
provide for her;
where she is divided,
reunite her.

Fill Bishop Bickerton with your Spirit,
that he would preside with justice and obedience.

Guide all who will be leading in various ways,
that their gifts would bear good fruit.

Be with the sessions staff and the youth,
who will be working tirelessly for your glory.

Above all,
lead your people by the power of your Holy Spirit,
that each vote cast, every decision made,
would be in accordance with your perfect will,
that the people of western Pennsylvania and the world
might know your forgiving mercy and your holy justice,
for the sake of him who died and rose again,
and ever lives to make intercession for us,
Jesus the Messiah, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

- adapt. from UM Book of Worship #501